Low version update 2!

I’m back already, working hard!

Here’s the base body for my low poly version. It’s almost 10k tris without life jacket or any accessories and rough hair so I’m going to have to cut a lot, but I’m making pretty good progress so far.



Re: Rereretopology

Sorry for the gap between updates, I’ve been super busy!

I really wasn’t happy with my last update, the topology doesn’t flow well and Zbrush was far too slow, so I tried Wrapit which seems to be pretty good! I still feel like I’m modelling the old way with polys though, so I might try out 4r4′s qrmesher if I get the chance.


The hair will be covered in alpha-planes when I texture as there isn’t much point until then! He comes in so far at 2396 tris but it’s unoptimised so expect that to change.

Much more soon.