I am starting to retopologise Charlie! The cardinal rule is nice smooth edge flow and quads, quads, quads. You can get away with the odd five-sided if you must, Zbrush handles them well. It really hates triangles though so they are to be avoided at all costs, apart from in the usual few places.

Here’s the face retopo’ed, I’ve kept it nearly all to quads and hopefully followed theĀ contoursĀ of his face well enough.


Here’s the face with preview on. You just do this to see how well your faces are looking and how clean your geometry is. I’m pretty happy with this. It has a smoothing set to 2, so pretty low and yet there are no real problem areas at this level.

Here is the preview with projection turned on and a smoothing set to 5. It really holds the facial structure pretty well so I’m pleased with that. There’s a slight problem with the sideburns cutting in instead of projecting out but this should be a pretty easy fix.

Next up I’ll do the neck and back of the head, then concentrate on the hair. I need to think how to do this as it isn’t symmetrical, but I’ll probably end up turning off symmetry for the hair, then back on as I work my way down.

Stay tuned!

And now for something a bit different

My good friend Mark Knowles suggested before making the low of Charlie, he could take a look at it and try out rendering some different shaders on him. Well, why not!

As you can see it’s just flat colour with different shaders on, and completely not final, but it’s starting to take real shape and form. I’m excited for the next step!

Thanks Mark

charlie high poly finished

Here’s the final high poly, bar a few modifications.

I’ve added a sweat band created from a mask, and a whistle and a watch made with sub-d modelling in 3ds max. All from reference of course!

Can’t wait to start making the low.

A new real media!

Sounds like an indie band but nope I just did another chalk!

Time about 4 hours in. I got a range of different tones and surfaces to make it more difficult for myself. Had a lot of fun with this one:)

And now to our previously scheduled programme

I’ve started on Charlie’s backpack. The zips were created in 3ds Max by creating a zip tooth, smoothing it, then duplicating it along with path deforming it along a spline. Each zip line is about 500,000 triangles but for the high it’s fine matter as long as it looks correct :) I’m going for accuracy here!

Here’s the backpack with lunchbox. The lunchbox was created in 3ds max like the boots, by sub-d modelling it. I had to keep really clean lines and think it’s turned out pretty well:)


Tangible Intermission.

He’s only gone and used like real stuff again. What is up with that dude?

This is my first experiment with chalk pastels. Approx time 2 hours. It was really hard at first but a lot of fun to do, hopefully more to come as soon as I get the time!

As always click for big