I’m starting to put in some fabric detail. I’ve been experimenting with different brushes this week, using lazy mouse a lot and trying out the planing brushes. Great stuff.

Boxers added, we must have some decency please. Oh and hands. That’s probably more important!

Vest made. This was done by masking off the torso and converting it to a new sub tool. It’s actually a really quick way of making new clean geometry. Here is also the start of the life vest. It should be fun to do because it will have a much different surface feel to everything else.

Starting to look like the concept a bit now.

That was fun. The neck piece was strangely great because it really felt like the different brushes clicked whilst making this sub tool.


The rise of slendercharlie

I have started to add hands. His arms are a bit long. Don’t worry we are aware of this and working to fix the problem. Please hold.

Starting to work in some muscle definition and form in to the torso.

That is one saggy butt. He’s wearing them like a skater don’t worry..

It’s quite refreshing to make a character that isn’t 250lb’s of pure muscle. You get to really feel how subtle anatomy can be.

More next time


Or will there be



No there definitely will be


Another time!

So today I started the body. I actually decided to try out Zbrush’s awesome feature Dynamesh. As long as you’re tidy and keep it sensible it is an awesome tool.

Now I actually went back at this moment and thought I really should get my silhouette in to see how he feels. If I just stick to components it’s leaving it to chance. So I made some boots in max and combined with a simple trouser mesh, helps with the whole process a great deal.


Mmm meshsmoothy

The laces were made with splines, and I tried to keep the mesh as tidy as possible, which is hopefully evident by the nice quads!

This is not the beginning of the end

charlie head the headening, electric headaloo

More content! Woo!

That’s the head done I think, thought Id show a profile. On to his crazy hair. This is going to be fun.

I am not mad I swear.

Hopefully he’s starting to look more like a real kid now.

My plan is to make the hair relatively detailed but not worry too much about individual strands or gaps as they will be taken care of in the low. I’ll make the hair out of alpha-planes and bake the high on to them. I saw an awesome Guile model ( that does this. Seriously worth checking out, it’s pretty darn heck gosh awesome.

Ok hair done! This is great fun. Its been interesting to contrast between smooth skin and the texture of hair. I’ve gone for quite a stylised look but I think it will transfer well to an alpha-plane as it will lose a lot of detail. On to the body, but that kids is a story for another time.

Charlie update

Here’s the latest, thought I’d work on the head a bit more. I’ve been watching this awesome Eat 3D tutorial which has explained a lot about the controls. I recommend those guys to anyone!

Starting to put in eyeballs so I can model around them correctly. I always use a TON of reference from as many angles as I can get, so it will hopefully take a lot more shape as I add more polys.

Added quite a bit of detail today and have smoothed it up. He looks really weird without hair, but then again Charlie from SF has such weird hair he probably looks more normal like this.. More coming soon.

Zbrush Charlie, starting to model

After watching several hours of tutorials and realising that the controls are utterly confusing, yet strangely just seem to work, I’ve started on my Zbrush model!

Ok you have to start somewhere right? First I start with a cube, start to move it in to shape, then subdivide. If you subdivide too early you’ll end up with an uncontrollable mess!

So the head is starting to take shape. My ref for the head is quite a bit different to my concept so you’ll see that take shape. I’m just starting to work in some recognisable detail whilst it’s still quite low poly.

ZBrush Charlie continued!

I’ve been having a play around with sizes and shapes today. First going with a closed jacket and then finally deciding on an open jacket. I like to work in thirds of colour and detail, so hopefully you’ll agree there are very distinct parts to the design.


Starting to learn Zbrush: the awakening.

As I only really do low poly at work I thought I’d learn how to do the other end of the scale.

First things first I need a concept, so I’ve come up with an idea.

I always wished Charlie was in SF4 as he looks pretty cool. He’s so similar to Guile though he’s just crying out for a redesign.

My current thoughts are to adapt him in to a kid or much younger fighter; a bit like Sakura. I think his general look should fit well with this.
I’m thinking armbands, lunchbox, backpack, dorky specs but still some attitude.”

My idea is basically to make him Guile’s number one fan, he really wants to grow up to be him. I’m trying to keep the key elements to Charlie in my model though, so he has the blonde quiff, the glasses, the green jeans and the yellow vest jacket.

Next up, the body!


Oh as a side note, here’s a page of reference I gathered to help me.