Final Tiles

I decided that my tile test didn’t really tile that well. At first I liked the segmented look to it, but now I think it should just tile seamlessly!

This is all vertex colour so easy to change and doesn’t get washed out. I wanted to use colours that suit the painted backgrounds.

Testing out new tiles

One thing I’ve wanted to change for ages now is the tilesheet. The problem with this is it has to tile properly and look arcadey. Building it in 3d was a real challenge as it has to be pixel perfect and tile not just left to right but up and down too.

Here’s my first attempt



As you can see they are a lot higher res. I wanted to go for something that had a nice painterly style and is simple enough to not be distracting.

Alien sprite variants!

The aliens have invaded! I did some alien variants to make the game a bit more interesting and also to test out how adaptable my 3d sprites are. Recolouring them only took a few minutes! They obviously needed new rigs but were a lot of fun to make. Click for big.