wedding speech

Wedding Speech

Thank you Martin for your lovely words. And thank you to everyone for joining us and sharing our special day. It means a lot to us for each and every one of you to be here, especially considering we seemingly only sent the invites out about 10 minutes ago. I’d like to say there was a hold up with the designer but I did them so I can’t really fall back on that one.

On that note, Lizzie’s been a bit apprehensive about this speech as “don’t worry I’ll write it soon” apparently wasn’t as assuring as me actually writing it so Lizzie if you could kick me under the table if I waffle on that would be helpful. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet though, and if you could all do that to the bar tab we’d appreciate it.

So without further ado, firstly I’d like to thank Martin and Claire and Rob. From the first time I met you, you’ve each been the most friendly, caring and supportive people I could imagine. Claire and Rob have been so thoughtful, from advising us on difficult decisions to making us feel like royalty when we stay. Claire is a wonderful host and is a brilliant cook. Lizzie definitely takes after her in this respect and this is probably why I have to breathe in to fit in my suit. Martin really is an inspiration. I’ve tried quite hard to learn from Lizzie’s dad. When I first met him, and Lizzie’s brother James, I was a bit intimidated that they can basically fix anything. I’m pretty sure us Isaacs would have to get a man in to change a printer cartridge so I realised I would have to step up a bit, so I bought some tools, watched a few youtubes and went straight to work on a couple of light fittings. Anyway to cut a long story short, I managed to earn the respect and admiration of Martin and James through realising that I had broken our electrics and decisively begged him to rescue us. Which he did, and has done quite a few times since.

I’d also like to thank Mum, Dad and Barbara. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have such amazing parents who have always been there for me and have welcomed Lizzie in to our family so warmly. They’ve also been incredibly supportive in making today happen for which we are eternally grateful. I think Dad is also pretty relieved that this is the only wedding of one of his children that he doesn’t have to do a speech for. So I’d like to raise a toast:

To the ParentsI’d also like to thank the Bridesmaids, Gemma, Rose, Caroline, Ange and Sam. I think you’ll all agree that they look fantastic today and I want to thank you each for your hard work and for getting Lizzie here on time. Or was that to Lizzie for getting some of you here on time. Whichever it is, it deserves a toast, so:

To the Bridesmaids.

Whilst we’re on the subject, it’s actually Caroline’s birthday today. So I want to wish you a very happy birthday! We have bought you a little birthday cake for the occasion so everyone please join me in singing Happy Birthday as it’s wheeled in.

Matt, my best man, has been amazing. We’ve known each other literally our whole lives, and Matt’s always been there for me and has always gone that extra mile. Today was no exception. And neither was the Stag. Matt put in so much effort and thought and made it such a brilliant experience. I might even go as far as to say I actually enjoyed it. Apart from the loud speaker, but everything else was spot on. However, I’ve thrown out all the Baileys at the bar so don’t even think about it.I also want to thank Rob, Stephen and James for ushering today. They’ve done a great job with little to no instruction and really gone a long way in to making this whole day seem like I had everything under control from the start. Not sure how you did it, but you have my thanks.

I also want to thank Rob, Stephen and James for ushering today. They’ve done a great job with little to no instruction and really gone a long way in to making this whole day seem like I had everything under control from the start. Not sure how you did it, but you have my thanks.

I’d also really like to thank Margaret and Ross for their wonderful readings. Margaret it’s been so nice becoming part of your family and I’m so glad that we’re as close as we are. Ross, you’re a natural, good luck doing this in a couple of months time, you won’t need it. Thank you also to James and Jen for being our witnesses and to Katharine for making the cake! You’ve had a pretty tough job and have done incredibly. I just hope that you used some eggs and butter or I’m not paying.

Thanks also to Lizzie’s Uncle Colin and Aunt Brenda, my great friend Mark and his fiance Cuyler, both over from the US and to Lizzie’s brilliant friend Callum. All of which have come a very long way to help us celebrate today. Callum has come from Tazmania which is actually a real place and is apparently really really far away.

Right, who did I miss?

Lizzie. Lizzie and I met in Leamington. which was a surprise to many that I was actually capable of such a feat, and we hit it off straight away. In fact I knew she was something special from the start and managed to play it totally not cool by asking her out on a second date whilst we were still on the first. I got playing hard to get down pretty well as you can tell. For our second date we came to realise that we share the same birthday, which made it feel even more like fate. This is the part where I remind everyone I’m a year older than Lizzie and anyway it doesn’t matter anymore because we’re officiated.

I’d like to firstly take this opportunity to tell you how incredibly beautiful you look. You really are perfect and have made me the happiest man today. You’re kind, smart, supportive and even funny. At times. I love that you can be so caring when needed, and as sharp as a knife when someone else needs it. And you’re always there for me, helping through the tough times and enjoying the best times. You are without a doubt, my better half. I can’t believe we’re here, today, the day has finally come and we’re now married. I think I’ll wake up every day and think that same thing, how lucky I am to have you as my wife.

And strangely this has been the only paragraph I haven’t been kicked in the shin so far.

So for the last time tonight, can I ask you to raise your glasses to my beautiful wife,

To Lizzie.

Now, I’m afraid my legs are getting pretty sore now which means it’s probably time to hand over to my Best Man, Matt. Matt, please remember we have 1 adolescent here so please keep it PG13 and this has absolutely nothing to do with my dignity. Over to you.

TF2 Hat #2

I have decided to try my hand at making another hat. The other one now has 5 stars and lots of votes so fingers crossed.

I’m going to make a sniper’s hat that is a bird’s nest. It’s going to be called the “sniper’s nest”. Puns ahoy.