Texture Update

I’ve been super busy doing some art for Christmas presents but I’ve finished that now so back on to texturing!

This week I have been mostly texturing skin, so the face, torso and arms is what I have to show. Lots more coming tomorrow!

Please excuse the low res textures, it only let’s you upload JPEGs with a maximum res of 1024

A quick post about p3d.in!

I’ve just found an awesome mesh previewing website called p3d.in

It’s free for the basic package and you can do really cool stuff like this:

Up soon, normals!

Texturing Continued #2 ; witty title

I’ve been doing some more texturing. Evened up the hand colour a bit, and have laid down the foundations for the whistle, life jacket and bag. I’m not really happy with the colours on the bag now they’re on the model. I think I need to make it more solidly yellow and perhaps red to balance out the profile as from my concept I really wanted distinct colour-zones on the whole character. More to come soon!



Texturing continued

After setting up materials I’ve started to texture with the polypaint diffuse brushes. It’s really fun, if not slightly more unforgiving than photoshop, but still very powerful.

So far I have mostly done the boots and jeans, more to come very soon!

Everything else is of course placeholder.



To remind you, the colour scheme and his hair colour etc will eventually match this (with a few slight alterations)




I’ve done a bit more polypainting tonight and set up my base materials.

I’ve polypainted some more of the torso and vest, as well as an early start on the hands. They look a bit weird at the moment because the reference photos of the hands had slightly different lighting, but as this is more of a guide for photoshop than the finished article, this will all get sorted out.

I have gone through each sub tool and added what I think is the best-fitting material, although I may go back in and make my own for some things such as the life vest.

Up next, polypainting the clothing.