Starting to texture!

Exciting! I’m finally getting there. Today I’ve started to polypaint which has required a lot of subdividing subtools and sorting out the lighting on photo reference. This is very much an early first-pass on the head and hair but hopefully shows you what I’ll eventually be going for :)


Spooky Halloween update

This blog is now haunted – with a pumpkin that is probably undead or something.

It’s like z brush but you have to work inwards!










Pumpkin 4 by my sister! We are quite sad.


I’ve spent the day finishing off the unwrapping, so thankfully I’m done! I haven’t packed the elements in to a uv space yet, or evened out the texel ratio, but other than that it’s done.



I’ve also sorted out the smoothing groups:



Next up: packing the UV’s and then on to polypainting the high! This is where it gets really fun.

Unwrapping halfway done!

I’m really getting there now!

I fixed a little bit of mapping in the boot to follow the natural seams better then started on other elements.


So far I have unwrapped the boots, jeans, torso, hands, sweatband, watch and lunchbox. I was lucky enough to be able to mask the hands/arms seam under both the watch and the sweatband which will make it much less visible. I haven’t evened out the texel ratio or aligned anything yet which is why the squares are all different sizes depending on element,  as I’ll need to be smart packing my UV’s by material type once all the other elements are unwrapped. For now, I’m happy that each element’s texel ratio is pretty even.

The torso skin (not the vest) will be unwrapped again once joined to the head to have a seamless neck.

Stay tuned, we’re almost at the colouring-in!

The unwrapping begins

Back to 3d! I have started to unwrap, from the ground up. Not really sure why. Unwrapping is quite an organic process and all my elements are still separated so it doesn’t really matter where I start. The boots are a good place though because they are both easy in places and challenging in others.


As you can see (click for big as always) I have tried to be smart about unwrapping, going along the natural seams of the boot. This will make texturing a lot easier and tidier. I used a planar with relax dialogue method for the main boot, then pelt-unwrapped the laces with a seam along the most hidden edge loop, then relaxed that selection along the centre, followed by a nearest neighbour relax to get a nice straight lace on the unwrap sheet.

Soon to come: the legs and then more!

I’ve been busy!

So busy. Don’t worry, much more 3d is on it’s way but lately but I’ve been doing some 2d and other things.

I decided to do the art for a subreddit this weekend, which has made me have to learn a lot more CSS than I knew before yesterday (hint= none)

Now I can even like hide stuff and show stuff and change colours and set margins and layer stuff. It’s a big world out there apparently.

Go on, sign up, click stuff and try to break it! (Don’t try too hard)