JD on the 3ds! Bannertime

It’s bannertime, for the e-shop. I made a new JD that has an animating breathe cycle and is rim-lit. If you blow in to the mic, he spins! It was a real pain to get this on device because Nintendoware doesn’t have a whole lot of documentation and it has very strict limits to bones, weighting and stuff like that. JD in 3D though!

Tf2 Hat time!

Hi guys, sorry for the late update, I’ve been super busy at work and life. Oh and I also decided to try my hand at making a TF2 hat! I thought I’d go with something easy first, a Norman Helmet for the demoman. More soon.

3DS Bottom Screen

JD will need a bottom screen for the 3DS. Here is my design for the bottom along with some mockups of how it should parallax scroll.


Above is the UI I have designed too to show menu, replay and play. It also shows how many stars you have.